BioBrite Sunrise Clocks

Biobrite is a well-known manufacturer of sunrise alarm clocks. They've been in business for about 20 years (since 1989), and have several models to choose from.

I have personally owned a Biobrite clock, and loved it - it was reliable and had some great features, but the quality was also a little flimsy, and it broke easily. I was able to continue using it, despite having a broken button, for about 10 years before the clock stopped functioning.

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Biobrite has two types of dawn simulator alarm clocks: the full-size, full-featured clocks, and a set of smaller, less expensive clocks with less features.

Biobrite's full-size clocks:
    BioBrite Sunrise Clock Advanced Model, Charcoal
    BioBrite Sunrise Clock Advanced Model with Sleep Sounds
    BioBrite Sunrise Clock Advanced Model with White Noise *Recommended*
    BioBrite Sunrise Clock Radio, Platinum

Biobrite's smaller sunrise alarm clocks. These cost less, but have fewer features.
    88650 EZ Wake SunRise Clock - Sea Green
    88625 Sunrise Alarm Clock Junior (for children) (As of 8/12, out of stock...)


Nothing's perfect. Here are issues that I, or other users, have noticed with these clocks.

- Quality: The clock feels "flimsy", and has many plastic parts. The biggest problem is that buttons can become stuck inside the case of the clock (causing them to no longer work).

- Clock May Run Fast: Several people mention that the clock may run fast. Hint: I have this problem with most of my digital clocks. I deal with it by correcting the time when I reset the clock for daylight savings.

- Difference in Features: The smaller clocks listed above do NOT have all of the features of the full size clocks.


- Clockface Automatically Dims: The numbers on the digital clock become dim when the alarm is set, making it easier to fall asleep. (This feature appears to be unique to Biobrite. If you are easily disturbed by light at night - this is great.)
Only in Biobrite's FULL SIZE clocks.

- Select Dusk/Dawn Duration: You choose how long the clock takes to reach full brightness or full darkness. Biobrite allows you to select 15, 30, 45, 60, or 90 minutes.
Only in Biobrite's FULL SIZE clocks.

- Snooze: Reset the alarm in 9 minute increments to get more sleep. This works with both the audible alarm, and the light alarm.
Only in Biobrite's FULL SIZE clocks.

- Clock Memory: The clock will remember its settings for a brief period of time (minutes) if the electricity goes out.
Only in Biobrite's FULL SIZE clocks.

- Backup Audible Alarm: Optional audio alarm (beeping), in case you sleep through the light.

- Security Lighting: When set to "security mode", the light turns itself on and off randomly during the day/night, to give the illusion that somebody is home.

- Nightlight: You can choose to have a very dim light remain on throughout the night.

User Comments

"... in winter, I enjoyed waking up to light, and I woke up more gradually and peacefully than being jerked awake by sudden noise."
- user on, 2008

"I've had a Bio-Brite sunrise clock for about a year and a half and I'm a fan... It's extra helpful in the dead of winter."
- user on, 2008

"I have the BioBrite clock.... if you have to get up as early as I do it's worth every penny."
- commenter on, 2009

"I hate waking up in the mornings, but with the SunRise, I often feel I've woken up naturally...."
- review, 2006

Instruction Manuals

Instructions for the full-featured clocks are here (PDF).
Directions for using the EZ wake Sunrise Clock are here (PDF).

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