Privacy Policy

Here's the deal. Like most websites, we get a ton of information from our hosting company about everyone who visits here. This includes things like your location, where you came from (for example, if you came to the site from Google or Bing), and what you clicked on while you visited.

We use this information to understand our audience, and to improve the site.

We do NOT ever share, rent, sell, or give any personally identifiable information to ANYONE.

We may, from time to time, share aggregated information with business associates to help us improve the site. This information will NEVER be anything that can identify you individually. An example of what types of data we might share would be a list of the top search terms that bring people to this site.

Terms and Conditions

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Liability: We do our best to provide correct, up to date information. However, we are not directly responsible for creating or selling any products represented here. Given that, please use this information at your own risk and confirm important details with the manufacturer and/or seller. We are not liable for any disasters, injuries, malfunctions, or other unfortunate occurrences!

Compensation: If you purchase products through the links on these pages, we often receive a small commission. We work hard to maintain an objective viewpoint in our reviews, and not let the commissions affect how we rate products, but for your own peace of mind, you should be aware of this.