Verilux Rise and Shine Wake-Up Light

Verilux is a US company, based in Vermont, that has been creating full-spectrum lighting products since 1956. (Full spectrum lights are lights designed to simulate natural light.) Their website and manuals include a toll-free number for warranty help on their products.

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Verilux has two light alarm clocks available... both use the name "Rise and Shine".

This review will focus on the slightly cheaper "Verilux Rise and Shine Natural Wake-Up Light" (Model #VA05WW1) which retails for around $100.

There is also a more expensive, "Rise and Shine Natural Sleep System" (Model #VA04BB1), which usually sells for close to $250. A separate review of the expensive model will be up soon.

Note: The model reviewed (Model #VA05WW1) is a fairly new design. As of mid-2010, there was a completely different Rise and Shine light clock by Verilux that is no longer available. Be careful if you're reading older reviews, they may be referencing the previous clock, with different features (it had a brighter light, and the ability to change the sunrise duration, for example).


This light clock has some issues that you should be aware of before deciding if it's something you want to buy...

- No back-up battery: This is a huge concern, and there's no good reason for a $100 alarm clock to not include a battery. "No battery" means that if your electricity flickers in the middle of the night, your clock settings may be erased, and you could end up late for work.

- No "BEEP"! This clock has four different sounds to wake up with, plus FM radio, but sadly, no plain-old "beep". The sounds that are included annoyed some users, and a boring alarm-like "beep" should be standard on all alarm clocks!

- Sunrise is always 15 minutes: There is no way to change the time it takes for the light to reach full brightness. It is preset to always take 15 minutes.

- Setting the alarm is confusing: Looking at the user manual, setting the alarm time appears confusing and overcomplicated. It requires you to also set the lamp brightness and the volume of the alarm. Too many steps for something that should be simple.

- Alarm Sounds Early: Most sunrise clocks will gradually brighten, and turn on the audio alarm only at the end - when you reach the final alarm time. Not the Verilux. The alarm sounds start as soon as the light begins to turn on, 15 minutes before your actual alarm time. This undermines the point of the light, which is a gradual wakeup!

- Touch the lamp: Some functions are controlled by touching the top of the lamp. This strikes me as weird (and increases the chance that I'd knock it over, or otherwise break it.)

- Eerie sounds: Some users at Amazon complained that the nature sounds had "eerie" music. Remember, with no "beep", you're stuck with the nature sounds or FM radio.


- Clockface Dims: You can set the display to be dim, bright, or OFF. This is useful when you need a dark room for deep sleep.

- Easily Replaceable Light This clock takes a standard, 60 watt light bulb, that can easily be replaced.

- Two Alarms You can set two different alarm times. (Only one can be active at a time though.)

- Four Nature Sounds Choose from birds, frogs, waves, or river. But, no generic alarm sound, and some users find the music with the nature sounds to be a bit spooky.

User Comments

Because this is a new design, there are very few user comments available that aren't people trying to sell something. The best source of comments at this time is Amazon reviews.

Instruction Manuals

Verilux provides an instruction manual here (PDF).

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